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We are offering various Hand Tools, from cable stripper to terminating tool for keystone jack. From the perspective of LAN operators, Network administrators, Electronic Technician. The most important part of the Hand tool should be durable and powering-saving. Easy to use design let you save more energy and significantly increase the working efficiency. We can recommend you to utilize the most suitable hand tool to tackle you cabling problem.

The 8P8C RJ45 male connector is mainly used for twisted pair network cable applications, following FCC standard. When terminating Cat5e / Cat6 / Cat6A RJ45 connector, there are two wire schemes to follow: T568A or T568B pin / pair assignment as per ANSI / TIA-568-C.2 standard. Our plugs are compliant with PoE Plus application and certified by REACH and RoHS.


A keystone module is a standardized snap-in package for mounting a variety of low-voltage electrical jacks or a keystone wall plate, face plate, surface-mounting box, or empty panel. Keystone modules have a rectangular face of 14.5 mm wide by 16.0 mm high and are held in place with flexible tabs.


Follow the international standard ISO / IEC 11801 and the ANSI/TIA-568-C.2.​


RJ45 feed-through coupler is designed for computer networking, voice and data applications.

Designed for use with Cat.5e, Cat6 and Cat6A Ethernet cables, as well as compatible with standard blank patch panels and faceplates.


Faceplate is a plastic or metal plate, cover, or bezel on the face (front) of a device or surface. We provide different size faceplates to meet the global market demand.


Patch panels are commonly applied to computer networking and more prevalently in domestic installations, owing to the popularity of "Structured Wiring" installs.

In a LAN, the patch panel connects the network's computers to each other and to the outside lines that enable the LAN to connect to the Internet or another WAN. Connections are made with patch cords. The patch panel allows circuits to be arranged and rearranged by plugging and unplugging the patch cords.



Cable management is designed for keeping fit with your rack and track to guarantee an efficiency and space-saving structure cabling is established. By using the management, your cabling arrangement will make a clear in and out raceway to entry and exit, and there will be no more mess and unmanageable cable and cords in your networking cabinet and rack.



Rigid Connectivity -protection, and prevent the network parts from moisture, dirt, and insects for quality connections' Outdoor application with IP44 Compliant Faceplate. Rigid Industrial Ethernet series provides you a solution to support multiple applications such as military networking, pharmaceutical laboratories or some units that are supposed to work under harsh environments where exposure to liquid or dust would likely occur.



Fit with cat5e, cat6, cat6A keystone jacks, different ports are available. All Boxes are RoHS & CE Compliant. The color white or ivory are available.

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