Cat6 UTP RJ45 Connector

Cat6 UTP RJ45 Connector


The two pcs design CAT6 UTP RJ45 connector use its own patent 3 Prong contact blade fit both stranded and solid wire. The smart wire position 6up / 2down design bring superior performance when assembly with cat6 unshielded cables. All Cat6 plugs we provide 50U" gold plating thickness guarantee by X-Ray machine.


The plugs are commonly used in computer networking and other telephone applications.



  • RoHS compliant.
  • Follow FCC Part 68 standard; meet reliability test based on IEC 60603-7.
  • UL Certified.
  • Its Blade (3 prong blade) with patent for 5 countries : China, USA, Germany, Japan and Taiwan.


Electrical Features

  • UL Applications: 250 Volts Acmax., AT 2 Amps.
  • Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 500 Volts AC.
  • Insulation Resistance: 100 MΩ.
  • Termination: Resistance 20mΩ Max After
  • Environmental Testing.

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