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Cat6 UTP 28AWG Patch Cord With Clips

Cat6 UTP 28AWG Patch Cord With Clips

SKU: C6UTWHB17050010

Cat. 6 UTP 28 AWG 4 pairs twisted patch cords use the RJ45 plug with 28 AWG conductors patch cable. EXW 28 AWG slim patch cord with below advantages:

1. Smaller diameter cords save more than ½ of the space of traditional patch cords.
2. Smaller wire gauge offers flexibility for easier moves. 
3. Reduce the temperature of Server room due to slim size. 
4. 100% component test pass guarantee under 5m.
5. Slim Molding SR design fit high density patch panel requirement.

  • Warranty : 5 Years Warranty

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