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DATA International offers a full portfolio of infrastructure solutions and networking both but not limited to products and services covering the Information Communications Technology, Renewable Energy and Security.

We design new solutions environments, conduct migration and maintenance, undertake enterprise systems management, and provide consulting services. Our solutions are instituted under a fully supported and managed environment that ensures the security, reliability and availability of working systems. We provide interventions that match your business processes and facilitate integration between your costumers, partners, suppliers and staff.

Through carefully planned resource deployments, utilization of highly efficient management skills, employment of proven methodologies and processes, DATA International achieves the utmost satisfaction for our customers.

DATA International promotes the following :


  • Wireless Equipment such as PTP, PTMP, Mesh, Vehicle Tracking Systems, SCADA and Wifi both indoor and outdoor  applications;

  • Free Space Optics and Conventional Licensed & Unlicensed Frequencies;

  • Wireless Connectivity for any requirement from analog to digital platforms, including extension of Data, Voice & Video;

  • VSAT Solutions;

  • Mounting fabrications and Towers such monopoles & self-supporting towers;

  • Customized antenna cables for LMR600 and LMR400;

  • Utilization of high-end wireless test equipment for interference analyzis;

  • Antenna Alignment Tools.

At the heart of any security solutions including access control is the integration of hardware and software technology. We can maintain and build your security requirement and access control systems, providing such services as network-based security and access control systems, surveillance and monitoring system including Time and Attendance systems. The outcomes of our solution are guaranteed : tight yet unobstrusive security, strict compliance with office policies, and increase productivity.


Some of the security solutions we can offer:


  • Access Control Systems which include CCTV, Biometric, Touchless, Mobile, Mechanical to name a few;

  • Perimeter & Physical Security Solutions which include Physical Fiber, RF, High Conductive Wires, LED Lights and others;

  • X-RAY Security Solutions;

  • Locking Systems both Mechanical and Electronics;

  • Day & Night High Resolution Zoom Lenses Cameras;

  • Tamper Evident & Anti-Counterfeit Solutions;

  • Vehicle Tracking Security Solutions.

DATA International telecom hardware solutions are renowned for their cross-platform compatibility and high quality, all designed around the best products with the most competitive prices. It operates only with the best in the communication industry. That is why it relies with the world's leading supplier with the largest customer base - as one of its partners.


Among our products are :


  • IP PBX & Phones

  • Site-To-Site Communication via VPN;

  • Wireless Analog Radio/PBX Equipment;

  • Open Standards IP Intercoms including Audio Decoder & SIP Audio Converter;

  • Two-Way Radio - PMR 446.

We design and install highly efficient structured cabling systems to facilitate the delivery of integrated data, voice and video. Our infrastructure assures predictable performance and scalability to support present and future growth needs of organizations.

The structured cabling installations of DATA International typically include entrance facilities, vertical and horizontal backbone pathways, vertical and horizontal backbone cables, horizontal pathways, horizontal cables, work area outlets, equipment rooms, telecommunications closets, cross-connect facilities, multi-user telecommunications outlet assemblies (MUTOA), transition points and consolidation points.

With our backbone cabling system, the structured cabling network branches out from the entrance facility to the other buildings, as well as floor to floor within a building. We also apply fiber optics backbone to handle major network traffic.

We do believe that our solutions have no limits on connectivity needs from wired to wireless solutions.

DATA International offers the best in class in terms of efficiency and reliability. Our solutions covers all aspects of renewable energy sources like sun, wind, water and extra-terrestrials including energy derived from waste products.

Professional Website Hosting & Development

DATA International also provides website hosting and development services following the strict standards of professionalism: as such, we endeavor to provide you with a package that carries the following features:


  • Designed for user-friendliness

  • Fast-loading pages and graphics

  • Easy-to-use navigation

  • Consistent design, colors and fonts

  • Logical information architecture

  • Cross-browser compatibility

Project Preparation & Documentation

DATA International also undertakes the conduct of technical studies, preparation of project proposals and documentation of various pursuits in line with both the information technology and telecommunication industry.

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