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SunSpot™ Wave2 AC2600


High capacity, MU-MiMo and hardware-based acceleration allow the SunSpot™ AC Wave2 to deliver high-capacity throughput and the connection of many simultaneous clients. As data consumption is ever-increasing and driving the need for high-speed internet connectivity, Wi-Fi access points must cater to the rapidly increasing requirements of this growing market. Multi-user MiMo and ultra-high data rates (up to 2.6Gbps over the air) are hallmark features of Wave2 that enable this future growth.

Cloud-managed Wi-Fi

The cloud controller from IgniteNet is a powerful and cost-effective platform to monitor and manage multiple networks with 1000’s of devices for only $99 USD per year.  It is ideal for ISPs that not only want to offer a managed in-home or in-business networking solution but that also want to easily deploy additional value-add services over that platform from anywhere, anytime.

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