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IgniteNet Cloud Management Service


Easy, powerful, & affordable cloud-managed Controller for all IgniteNet Devices


  • Ultra low cost of operation

  • Flexible and powerful two-way configuration

  • Bulk firmware management

  • Alerts and monitoring

  • Live device status and statistics

  • Multi-cloud and multi-site capable

  • Mobile friendly UI

  • Safe and secure

Quick Cloud Overview

Easy device adoption


  • Plug in network cable to WAN port of device

  • Add device’s serial number to your cloud account.​​​

The device will do the rest!

Cloud-level (account) dashboard

Or, drill down to site-level to view geographical and floor maps, as well as client data

View your AP’s system info, current throughput, and channel utilization.

As well as active clients.

Client count over time, throughput, & channel utilization.

Schedule bulk firmware upgrades or monitor configuration change tasks.

View client’s connection history across a site or cloud!

Receive emails for alerts when something goes wrong in your network.

So, what else? Why the Ignite cloud?

Let’s look at the hidden costs and stresses of other solutions:

  • Initial hardware costs and setup

  • Time spent on server maintenance and upgrades

  • Hosting and bandwidth

  • Backup management

  • Power and cooling

  • Authorized user and security management

  • Failover/disaster recovery site and planning (not even possible with some solutions!)


IgniteNet handles all of this for you!

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